At the Carwash, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa at the Carwash, Yeah!

It is a sad day for men who want a view while getting their cars washed:

So called ‘bikini car washes’ like the one that emerged on San Antonio, Texas’ south side this past summer would be restricted or even outlawed under a change in zoning laws to be approved by San Antonio City Council later this week, 1200 WOAI’s Bud Little reports.

Councilwoman Jennifer Ramos, who represents the area which includes the Bikini Car Wash on South Flores Street is pushing for the zoning changes.

“We address the lighting issue and noise issue, and now will address the issue of viewing from public sites,” Ramos said.

She says the zoning changes will allow city officials to approve or restrict various types of car washes, and would give officials more leeway in shutting down offending businesses.

Ramos says the original Bikini Car Wash ‘no longer exists in that form.’

“This will help a neighborhood which has these types of issues,” Ramos said. “These changes will help alert a community to new car wash establishments coming into the area.”

City officials were caught flat footed this past spring when the Bikini Car Wash opened on South Flores, leading to gawking passersby.

It turned out that there were no city zoning rules which would specifically allow the Bikini Car Wash to be shut down, so officials resorted to harassment tactics, including shutting down the business briefly because the drains were an improper size.



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