Stupidest “How Do I” Question EVAH

Written into the Arizona Times:

How do you get the rooster semen off the yolk without breaking the yolk when you fry an egg?

Yes.  That was a reader’s question.  Ha!  Of course, the author had to answer the question…

What? Huh? What are you talking about? What rooster semen? Where do you people get these ideas?

Are you talking about those two white stringy things attached to the edge of the yolk?

Those are the chalazae. The name comes from the Greek word khalaze, meaning “hailstone.” All eggs have them.

They are there to sort of anchor the yolk in the white and keep it from bouncing around too much.

They might look a bit weird, but they are perfectly harmless and edible.

Rooster semen. Sheesh.

A much kinder author than *I* would have been!



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