They’ve Gone to the Wolves!

Anything for money….and wolves!

A wildlife park in China is looking for three human volunteers to share an enclosure with 36 wild wolves.

Qinling Wildlife Park in Xi’an says they will be safe in a tree house 10ft above the ground, reports the Xi’an Evening Post.

It wants three volunteers, aged between 22 and 45, to spend three full days in the treehouse in exchange for a certificate and a cash reward worth £500.

“They will be safe in the hut. We will equip them with a walkie-talkie and monitor the hut around the clock. In case of emergencies, we can shoot tranquilizer darts at the wolves,” said a park spokesman.

The three volunteers will each be expected to write three 300-word articles, take eight pictures and film two video clips per day, as well as answer questions from the public online.

The 36 wolves in the enclosure are all said to be “very wild” and between three and ten years old.

“It will be a real challenge, both physically and mentally,” added the spokesman.

More than 600 people, including several women, volunteered in just two days for the experiment which is being broadcast live on local TV.



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