He Ain’t Dead Yet!


A Romanian man has won a year-long fight to persuade the courts that he isn’t dead.

Gheroghe Stirbu, from Timisoara, tried to renew his identity card but was told by officials that he had been registered as dead.

Bungling civil servants had mixed him up with another man but although Stirbu pointed out what they had done they refused to acknowledge their mistake until Stirbu won a 12 month legal claim to be declared alive.

Judges renewed his status as alive – and then charged him £500 in court costs.

Mr Stirbu said: “When the judge ruled in my favour I was absolutely delighted – and then seconds later was absolutely shocked when I found out I would have to pay so much in legal bills.

“I will of course appeal the imposition of the costs but I am already beginning to wonder whether or not I would have been better off staying dead.”



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