Stupid Criminals: The “Read the Directions” Edition


BEDFORD — For all the bad things you can find on the Internet, the “Six Easy Steps to Committing Armed Robbery” could be the worst when taken seriously.

“This is one for the books for us,” Beford Police Detective Shawn Klubnik said.

Detective Klubnik says friends Jocelyn Addison, Nia Mcbrayer and Jennifer Wattson used the downloaded instructions to rob the Dollar Tree on Rockside Road in Bedford Heights last Monday night.

“One of the girls was being kicked out of her home and she didn’t have any money,” Det. Klubnik said.

Police say the three suspects followed most of the suggested steps. They had a plan, masks, and a gun — albeit it an unloaded bb gun.

“This is aggravated robbery with a gun spec, whether it was a bb gun, plastic play gun or the real gun, the law looks at it the same,” Det. Klubnik said.

Even though the would-be robbers left the store empty-handed, they were outfoxed by the manager, who told them the safe could not be opened.

Police were on top of the suspects at I-271 and Rockside Road, not a mile from the Dollar Tree. Facing several officers with guns drawn, the suspects surrendered, tears streaming down their faces and volunteering any information the cops wanted.

What was skipped over from the outcome was step 5 — “avoid police.”

“They messed up with staying away from police. They couldn’t do that one,” Det. Klubnik said.

Had they been successful, the final lesson is how to spend all the money fast. It suggests buying lots of “bling.”

Instead, the next time their surfing the web, they might want to find an escape plan as the suspects remain behind bars.



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