A Plethora of Ho Ho Hos

A new world record has been set in Romania after nearly 4,000 Father Christmases took to the streets handing out presents.

A total of 3.939 people dressed as Santa Claus took part in the record-breaking parade in Bucharest.

Guinness World Records officials confirmed it had beaten the previous record held by Taipei since 2003 with 3,618 Santas.

One of the Santas, Maria S, 72, said: “I left all my problems at home and came out here to be part of something special. It’s Christmas spirit and we should all celebrate.”

Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu said: “We wanted to surprise kids by bringing not one Santa but thousands of them. This is the biggest gathering of Santas handing out gifts.”

He added that the city was now planning two more world record bids – for the longest sausage – currently 7,381 ft – and the longest cake – which stands at 459ft.

Another Romanian city, Brasov, recently sent the world’s longest Christmas letter after schoolchildren wrote a 1,357ft long wish list to Santa.



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