What? No More Hoare Road?!?

An East Sussex council is set to ban ‘rude’ street names such as Hoare Road and Cracknuts Lane.

Lewes District Council has drawn up guidelines for new street names to avoid double entendres and unflattering place names.

The council’s cabinet is expected to agree its first street naming and numbering policy which will ban potentially rude sounding names.

Under the scheme, Lewes’s present day Juggs Road and Cockshut Road may well have been rejected, reports the Daily Mail.

Names ”capable of deliberate misinterpretation’ like Hoare Road, Typple Avenue, Quare Street, and Corfe Close (4 Corfe Close) would be outlawed.

And council officials say ‘aesthetically unsuitable’ names, such as Gaswork Road, Tip House and Coalpit Lane, should also be avoided.

Former councillor Rachel Powell, of Cockshut Road, said: “I would hate for the name to change. It has some history. I can see with political correctness why the council would not want these sort of names but it is a pity.”



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