Parent’s House vs. Prison

A jailbird released early with an electronic tag has begged to go back to jail – because he can’t stand living with his parents.

Convicted thief Guido Beneventi, 30, had his sentence reduced on condition that he stayed at his mum and dad’s home in Palermo, southern Italy.

But he said that his parents constantly lectured him about his life of crime and then began ordering him around “like a child” and telling him to clean his room.

After a string of rows, he broke his curfew to flee to police headquarters and demanded to be arrested.

“You are my saviours,” he told them as they sent him back to Ucciardone jail. “I just couldn’t take another day with them.

“They spent all their time telling me how useless he was and lecturing me about everything and ordering me to do housework. It was like being a child again. Prison was better.”



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