Drink Your Urine While Urine the Security Line

Airport security staff ordered a retired policeman to drink his own urine sample to prove it was safe.

Yu Fahai, 58, was going through security at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai, when he was challenged over a bottle of liquid in his pocket.

Yu, who received a kidney transplant several years ago, has to regularly test his urine for infection, reports News Morning.

“The checker asked me what was inside, and I told her it was my urine. She said: “Urine? Drink some to prove it”,” said Yu at his home in Chibi, Hubei province.

Yu, who was taking his first ever flight after attending a TV awards ceremony in Shanghai, has now lodged a complaint against the airport.

An airport spokesman said the security guard mistakenly heard the word ‘urine’ as ‘beverage’, and claimed Yu had his boarding card in his mouth, making his pronunciation unclear.

The spokesman added that national regulations forbid passengers from taking liquids on flights but an exception was made for Mr Yu because of his medical history. He also apologised.



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