Rubik’s Cube Rube

A Hampshire builder has finally solved his Rubik’s Cube – after 26 years of frustration.

Graham Parker had bought the puzzle in 1983 and wept with joy when he finally cracked it, reports The Sun.

Mr Parker, 45, from Portchester, who spent 27,400 hours playing with his toy, said: “I can’t tell you what a relief it is. It drove me mad and took over my life.

“I missed important events to stay in and solve it, and lay awake at night thinking about it. Friends offered to do it for me but I had to do it myself.

“I had wrist and back problems from spending hours on it but it was all worth it. When I clicked that last bit and each face was a solid colour I wept.”

His wife Jean, 47, said his fixation put a terrible strain on their marriage.

Jean said: “When we met he was already obsessed with the cube – spending hours on it every day. I was going to get rid of it but knew he wouldn’t rest until he solved it.”

The World Cube Association said it believed his epic effort was a record. The fastest time to solve it was 7.08 seconds, achieved by Dutchman Erik Akkersdijk.



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