Nice, Now the Dog Can Dress Like Britney!

A California firm offers to perk up your pooch or moggy with a range of hairpieces especially designed for animals.

Sisters Jenny and Crissy Slaughter from Santa Barbara used to dress up their pets when they were children.

But after winning a 2007 doggy parade fashion show by kitting out their dog as a Playboy bunny they realised there might be a business idea in it and set up Total Diva Pets.

“For that year’s parade, we really needed little blonde wigs for the dogs to play Hugh Hefner’s blonde bombshell girlfriends. We couldn’t find any dog wigs so we tried to use human wigs, but they didn’t fit,” Crissy explained.

“We came up with our own creative design for dog wigs that turned out so cute. People began asking us where we got their costumes.”

Jenny says: “We realised that creating wigs made for pets was an unusual concept, and fun for everyone.

“Since then we have evolved and the company now offers eight pet wig designs, in five sizes, from Chihuahua size to Great Dane size.”

Now the sisters sell $30 wigs with design ranging from an Afro to a green spiky punk wig.



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