Whisky Saves the Day!

A man who was trapped under his sofa for two-and-a-half days survived by sipping on a bottle of whisky.

Joe Galliott from Yeovil, Somerset tripped over a phone cord during a power cut and landed on the sofa which then toppled over him.

Divorcee Joe, who has a back problem, lay face down for 60 hours before he was rescued.

He had no food or water but could only reach for a bottle of whisky that also fell during the incident.

He told The Sun: “I tripped in the darkness and did a somersault over the settee. It tipped on top of me and I was trapped by the coffee table.

“I could not crawl and the phone was out of reach. I didn’t have the strength to shift anything.

“I never had anything to drink except from the bottle of whisky and I sipped on that.

Joe was saved when a neighbour’s grandson called.

He added: “I was so happy when the young man came round. I saw him at the window and screamed. He rang for help and I was rushed into hospital in the nick of time.”



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