24 Movie?

Kiefer Sutherland has revealed that the proposed 24 movie could be set in London.

Speaking on BBC Radio 1’s Chris Moyles Show, the star, who plays federal agent Jack Bauer, also credited the worldwide success of 24 to its initial popularity in the UK.

“We didn’t have a really strong audience, it took us a long time to build in the States, whereas the show took off here right away,” he said. “It was the success of the show here in England that allowed us to continue working in the States, until we built up an audience.

“When we have talked about doing a film, which will take place after the series has finished, England has always been a part of that discussion.”

24 is currently in its seventh season. The eighth and final season is scheduled to begin filming later this year with a slated 2010 air date.

Earlier this week, Sutherland hinted that fans should not expect the show to have a happy ending, telling The Mirror: “I see Jack as a really human figure and there is something innately tragic about people. I think there is no winning.”



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