Jack Bauer was Ambushed!!!

Kiefer Sutherland’s friends reportedly treated him to a male stripper at his surprise 42nd birthday party.

The 24 actor was lost for words after the “blonde bombshell” performed a lapdance on him before revealing himself to be a man.

The National Enquirer quotes a source as saying: “The lights dimmed and raunchy blues music blared. A nearly naked blonde bombshell slinked in the room, shoved Kiefer down on a chair and began dancing. But at the moment of truth, when Kiefer expected the stripper to remove her leopard print teddy, ‘she’ ripped off her wig!

“Kiefer’s jaw dropped and he shoved the she-male away as his pals collapsed screaming. He looked angry for a moment, but soon regained his manners and spoke cordially to the stripper.”


via Blogs4Bauer


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