Dammit – I KNEW I Forgot Something!

A burglar who stole a DVD player in China was arrested – when he went back for the remote.

But the thief was allowed to go free – when police officers ruled the £100 DVD player was not valuable enough for them to press charges.

Song, 25, of Chengdu, first broke into the house in December. He later realised he had forgotten the remote control so broke into the same building again a month later.

But this time he found the owner, Dai, watching television in the living room, reports Chengdu Business Daily.

Under pressure from Dai, Song admitted he had been responsible for the previous raid and Dai escorted him to the police station to report the crime.

But to Dai’s amazement, police said the £100 DVD player was not worth enough to prosecute Song and he was set free.



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