No Refund for You!

A Montenegrin man survived a suicide bid after buying a coffin from a funeral director, climbing in and trying to shoot himself. Milo Bogisic, 52, paid cash for the coffin and asked puzzled staff to wait while he wrote out his own obituary. Then he jumped into the casket, put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger before the shocked undertakers could stop him. But amazed medics in Podgorica managed to save him when the bullet passed straight through his chin and nose missing his brain, say police. “He was suffering from some family problems and was devastated that he hadn’t managed to end it all,” said a police spokesman. And undertakers Palma Funerals have added insult to injury by refusing to give him a refund on the coffin. “He’ll have to keep it. He’ll get some proper use out of it one day,” said one worker.



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